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Brand identity design

Branditorial helps you tell the story of your brand. It ensures that your story is compelling, straightforward and consistent with your strategy. Branditorial creates meaningful and memorable brand identity through graphic design, copywriting and branding consultancy.

Complex design strategy

Branditorial helps companies implement design thinking as part of their overall business strategy. We help companies create better services, more functional products, better communications, much more compelling narratives, and - last but not least - a more beautiful look.

Data visualisation

We live in a world of information overload. Data visualization technologies give us a way to understand and analyse this huge amount of data and information. Our engineers, developers, journalists, and designers work together to create the best methods for visual storytelling.

Media Design

Branditorial develops mobile first user interfaces for news technology companies. Our interfaces meet changing media consumption habits and are able to distribute hundreds of articles per day. In addition, we are developing CMS systems that meet the requirements of modern newspaper production (both print and online).

Branded journalism

People are bored, annoyed and disappointed with most advertising. They’re looking for more than in-your-face blatant advertising. Branditorial helps brands understand their role in their target consumer’s life. We help brand’s better define their objectives and game plan. We help clients find new ways to target consumers by employing unique online platforms to generate a need and focus on relevance. Because audiences usually focus on content rather then ads, we create story platforms that speak to them. Branditorial doesn’t produce PR articles. Instead we produce compelling experiences that really grab hold of the consumer.

Web development

Branditorial focuses on utilizing cutting-edge technologies and platforms to bring attention to relevant information. We use the most innovative technological stack (e.g. GOlang, WebSocket technology, React, ES6+ Vanilla JS, Elastic Search etc).

Make your design strategy and web development projects more clever. Check out our data science, machine learning and AI solutions!

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Branditorial helps brands to understand their role in target consumers life and define objectives and game plan. We create a story platform that brings this role into focus generating needs and relevance.

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